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Design e Sustentabilidade - egg box

egg box

Material used to produce this product is natural mikrowaved carton and as a complementary material rubber. The rubber function as a shape memory alloy allows to hold eggs regardless of their sizes. The eggs placed into an ellipsoid, cut from the carton. The egg holder is open from the top, but if its turned upside down, it will still hold firmly the eggs, they will not fall because of the elasticity of the rubber.

It´s easy to be filled up, and as a user friendly product, the consumer can get the egg without having to open it. The egg holder consists of one piece.

This egg holder is created not by glueing, but is fixed to the base. It can be stored in piles; if the sides are increased, it can stand lateral forces.

From the environmental point of view, it´s recyclable, and the production is possible with the least quantity of material and little cut-offs.

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photo: Nóra Dénes

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